“All children are talented.  All children are carrying their individual success inside …no matter how small. The task of us adults is to help children find and foster their hidden talents and to provide them with an opportunity to experience success.“

<span>PhDr.</span>Naďa Březina (Grosamová)

PhDr.Naďa Březina (Grosamová)

The Bumble Bee school owner

Why is Bumble Bee the way it is?

Editorial of the preschool founder, PhDr. Nada Březina (Grosamova):

"In the 90‘s it wasn’t as common as today to have individualized approach to children and to think of them as partners. A teacher is a child‘s guide to success. Success isn’t measured, everyone only does the best they can. Our goal is for the children to leave the preschool self-confident, but also empathic to others and accepting otherness. Because children in Bumble Bee grow up in an international environment, they develop into friendly open-minded personalities without xenofobic attitudes towards differences. They are children, who want know a lot, who want to know and who can manage in the less friendly atmosphere of state school."


Markéta Podhůrská: „…I will be happy to share some of my observations which I have made during the past two years when my son Tonik has been attending Bumble Bee. I am extremely grateful to Tonik’s teacher, Ms. Petra, for what she was able to achieve with my son, who was a rather timid child afraid of everything new. Ms. Petra is really devoted to the children and working with them, she always exceeds the scope of her duties and treats them almost as if they were her own. Tonik really adores her.Brandi followed upon Petra’s hard work in the best possible way. Not many children cry over the weekend, like Tonik does, because they want to go to school. I have only two explanations for that: Either I am not a very good mother or Bumble Bee and its staff are so amazing and are able to engage children in such great activities that they feel there like at home. I am convinced that the latter is true. Now we spend our weekends playing preschool . I would like to say thank you to everyone for doing their work with so much patience and love. Together with us, they are raising independent and self-confident children who also feel empathy towards others. This may sound like a platitude, but in this case it is really true.

And I think that you are a great asset for the preschool as well - judging based on your contributions on the website. “


Eva Pribišová: "We spent a lot of time trying to find the right preschool for our son. With the first-born child, you have a tendency to be over cautious, and thus we wanted to find a place which would really suit our son. Although we were a bit nervous about “dumping” him in a strange place, our worries disappeared after the first day. Since the very beginning, we have been getting such a warm welcome and care that we could not be happier with our choice of preschool. Your approach is thorough, personal and almost family like. You have our complete trust that you give our son as much attention as you can, and what is more our son is extremely happy with your care. It is very obvious that you do your job with love especially to children. We are very happy that we chose your preschool and as long as our budget permits, we are going to keep leaving our dear son in your good hands. Many thanks to the whole Bumble Bee team. “


Lenka Zlámalová: "Preschool is the first encounter of children with the society. It was our priority that Terezka gathers only positive experiences there. It was important to us that the preschool teaches her how to develop good relationships with other children and with teachers, and enhances her self-confidence, creativity and respect towards natural authority. She has really enjoyed those four years at Bumble Bee and they contributed immensely to the development of her personality. She feels very happy there and has found many good friends. Every day, she returns home full of new experiences and impressions and she looks forward to going there again the next morning. The fact that during this time she has also learnt to speak English well, ride a horse, swim, ski and skate, we consider as a huge bonus.”


About Bumble Bee


Gabriela Lasakova:  Bumble Bee is a school where each child is taken and respected as a personality. Great cooperation with parents, incredible employment of teachers and nearly home comfort, all of these is a guarantee for us that the child leaves the school at six lively, self-confident, with great communicative skills in both – English and Czech. Our uttermost satisfaction!!! Thanks.

Luca Schianchi: „At Bumble Bee you are feeling like a V.I.P. even if you are not in the first row filming the movie of a school show ;-p and your children feel like being at home even if they are spending 10 hours at school! From the teachers to the cook, from the driver to the whole staff, the owner, the director... everyone is obviously caring about you and most importantly of your loved ones: their passion for creating a friendly environment where children can thrive can be „smelled“ from the very moment you enter the school... to anyone coming to Prague and looking for a kindergarden our strong recommendation is „go to Bumble Bee!“

Katerina Wheeler: Our children were attending BB for three years and they always looked forward to it. At the beginning we appreciated the individual approach of teachers, and later also the range of activities the school offers to its children.



Lenka Mihulova:  “Our daughter Denisa att ended Bumble Bee very gladly. Her most common morning farewell was:  Come to take me home as late as possible.“

Dana Emingerova:  "Robert Fulghum wrote a book called “All I really need to know I learned in kindergarden.” Our son Matej affirms the same about Bumble Bee. ”Mum, I think that from all the schools, Bumble Bee gave me the most.” It was funny to hear such words from the sixteen-year old boy…"

Kateřina Podzimkova:  "The BB school was a great oportunity for children who expect more from kindergardens. Our daughter Bara gained not only a basis of English, that she draws from now, but also ambiti on and a well rounded outlook on life. Bara passed her school leaving exam at Jan Kepler Grammar School last year, with four A-grades and she was admitted to a prestigious  American IVY LEAGUE university in Philadelphia and to the university of Pennsylvania-Wharton school. So now I am writing on behalf of Bara, who is in the USA, that BB was just great!"

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